Test your server to ensure you are compressing web content. gzipcheck.com will confirm that web sites deployed with node.js, apache, nginx and other servers are properly delivering compressed results in response to client requests.

gzip compression will make most pages load faster for your users, and quick page load times make the user experience much more enjoyable!

Minification followed by gzipping is very effective....we should never be sending javascript that isn't gzipped...

- Douglas Crockford during one of these great talks about javascript on YouTube.

Bandwidth Reduction

gzip can achieve up to a 90% savings in file size. Files that are already compressed (such as JPEG and PNG images) are not going to benefit much from server compression, but text such as HTML, style sheets, and scripts can be compressed for faster delivery to your users over the network. Make sure you are compressing CSS and JS output as well as HTML.

Did you know?

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